ProStaff Members

The  REAL DeCOY ProStaff

The REAL DeCOY ProStaff is hand selected to represent our core values of our company. As ambassadors of the sport of hunting who strives to promote the outdoors in a positive light while representing and living the dream.

Our ProStaff men and women dedicate their lives to promoting and preserving the waterfowling lifestyle. They have pushed themselves to become waterfowl and wildlife experts and hold themselves to the highest standards. By sharing their wild, humbling experiences these hunting professionals have become both mentors and motivators to others.

Our tremendous growth is a reflection of our devoted customer base. We value the feedback and the feedback of our Pro Staff team to make our product better every year!

Lets have the time of our lives – we only go around once!!!

Meet the Real DeCOY ProStaff

Chris Marquez – ProStaff Coordinator

I am a retired veteran, I serviced in the Army as an Infantryman from 2011-2021. During my service I have 2 deployments in Afghanistan with 101st Airbourne Division 3-187IN. I am married with five (5) amazing children. I am from the state of Texas. Waterfowl was something I got into while I was in the service and after that first hunt, I was hooked.

In the Duck Blind

JD Nations

I am from Eldorado Arkansas. I have been hunting waterfowl since I was about 13 years old. I hunt flooded timber and fields. I am Chairman of the River Bottom Chapter of Delta Waterfowl, Arkansas Chapter President for Hell or High Water Outdoors.

Posing with ducks

Joe Cliborne

I chase ducks on mostly public rivers and private swamps in VA. I grew up with an interest in hunting and no one to take me, so once I got old enough, I started chasing ducks. I pursue them hard as ever, I’m not easy on my equipment. I make time with my son to hunt any time we can. I really believe that he needs to experience this sport first hand.

Joe Cliborn

Matthew Willey Aka Thee Alaskan Viking

I have been running Ducks in the harshest location in America — Alaska! Our brutal state demands only the best products to get into the back country.
Matthew Wiley

Connie Markham

Its great to get into the outdoors – I have been doing this since I was a kid running coon dogs with my dad. Now I chase ducks from ND down the flyway to LA and TX and hit most states in-between. I find that I really like the adventure of chasing a species that is not land bound. Waterfowling is by far the toughest hunting sport you can get into – layout boats, flooded timbers, open fields, ice out bays. Love them all.

The Gals
Chase McCulloch

An avid outdoorsman, turned waterfowl junkie. Chase is the host and owner of Somewhere In Wisconsin on Youtube. Chase and his dad, Scott love sharing their outdoor adventures all over the state of Wisconsin. Over the last few years the Youtube channel has morphed into mostly waterfowl content. Our passion is hunting Wisconsin public land like the Mississippi River backwaters in Western, WI, ducks over big water on Green Bay and SE Wisconsin, and small marshes throughout the state. When we can’t be on public land we also love field hunting whenever we can’t be on water! Thanks TRD for the support!

Chad Grissom

I target ducks in the Wichita Kansas area. This is one of those areas that you don’t hear much about – and that is the way I like it. We have to really get out there to get on the birds and The REAL DeCOY makes it happen.

Chad Grimson

Wild Bill Coomer

I have been chasing duck for longer than most of you guys have been walking on this earth. I get at them harder than you can most other can keep up. If you want to get a coffee and watch the sunrise, go to Starbucks. I’m down in Cape Gerado MO.

Wild Bill Coomer
Mason Norman

From the great state of Arkansas who has had a burning passion of chasing Fowl since I was able to walk.

I am a journeyman electrician and a Duck Guide for Arkansas County Duck Guide Service. I currently am a competitive competition caller for Bragging Rights Game calls and currently #4 in the World in Cuttdown Contests.

Lets get on the birds!!!


Jeremy Gochis

Dad got me started hunting at 8 years old. I have hunted big game, pheasants, quail and chukkers. But, waterfowl on the H20 of any lake, pond or river is my passion!!! Love Being in this Gorgeous world that God has created & gave us the Honor to be on!!! WE THE PEOPLE !!!

Jeremy Gochis
Matt Zeller

I was born and raised in southeast Mo, hunting all over the bootheel. I shot my first duck at 10 years old and was hooked ever since. I love hunting every scene, from a rice field, to flooded corn, and small timber holes.

Matt Zellar

Bill Lee

I am from Sherwood, AR.  I am married to my lovely wife, Claudia, and we are currently adopting our first child! I am the principal member of Dodgin’ Ducks Duck Club in Carlisle, AR. Being an Arkansas native, our state has multiple resources and outlets to get outside!  I am always here to help any way I can and to introduce new outdoorsmen and their families to this wonderful sport!

Bill and Ducks

Jake Olofson.

My name is Jake I’m from California and grew up hunting the Sacramento valley. I grew up hunting waterfowl almost all of my life.

I moved to Texas in 2022. I continued to chase waterfowl and make new friends here. I’ve learned by the time the ducks have made it to Texas they have seen it all, which makes the hunts more challenging. I love chasing these educated ducks though and will continue to bring more/new hunters into this way of life.

Sharp Reynierson

I am from Lawrenceville Georgia. Currently, I am finishing an environmental science degree with a focus in ecology, but the rice fields of NE Arkansas become my home during waterfowl season where I guide for DLW Outfitters. My new passions are getting vets in the outdoors and helping new hunters through a podcast I cohost, Flyway Connections.

Benjamin Stetter – The Camo Kid

Name is Benjamin Stetter aka (The Camo Kid) From the best state of Wisconsin.  I Started duck hunting as a observer learning all the techniques at age of 5 now 12,  I have fallen in love with waterfowl hunting. Perfect days are overcast with a light rain with stories of the hunt. Teaming up with Swiftwater  definitely gives a  advantage to strengthen my goals to further my hunting Career and leading  youth into the outdoors and bird hunting