What’s Included:

(1) ROUGHNECK Swimmer Mallard Drake

(1)ROUGHNECK Swimmer Mallard Hen

(1) Savage Blind Bag

After two years of testing, we are proud to Introduce our newest addition to our exceptional line of swimmers, the ROUGHNECK. Same great swimming action and rugged design in a light structural foam body with a Light & Lethal top. Lighter and able to stand up to the abuse us duck hunts are famous for; this motion decoy is meant to hunt. Nothing is easier to pack in. Combined with our Light and Lethal decoys and expect to run out of shells when the ducks are flying.

Savage Blind Bag – Let’s face it, a lot of hunters have to travel through swaps, marshes, deep woods on foot to get to the best hunting locations.  This blind bag is designed for that task.   Holds everything you need to hunt and easy to carry.   The Savage Blind Bag is loaded with pockets to help keep all your gear organized

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  • Same great swimming action with our MAXFLOW keel
  • Same industrial grade components designed to last for years of hash hunting conditions
  • Rugged structural foam core design to be lighter and more rugged
  • Light & Lethal tops with exceptional High-Definition detail. Drakes have flocked heads

Available in hen and drake with interchangeable tops.

Made right here in the USA…we pride ourselves on that!

ROUGHNECK Swimmers – Weed guards on our swimmers received a complete overhaul.  They are now made of metal (in the USA!) and nearly impossible to destroy.   I’d say after this redesign effort, it might be the toughest thing on our swimmer; we think that says a lot for the toughest swimmer on the market.   It’s not a cheap fix and we are eating the cost of it…but we feel it is the right thing to do for our customers.  We have tested our design thoroughly with exceptional results.

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Weight 9.00 lbs


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