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The X…where the ducks want to go…why? Because it just looks soooo good!!! That is what the X-Pack Lite is all about.

With our proprietary motion combined with the exceptional detail and natural movement of Light & Lethal decoys, the lightest and toughest decoys on the market, you have a package that will change the way you hunt.

Our X-Pack Lite is designed to bring the X to your hunt. Why search for it when it comes to you? See why die-hard duck hunters, guides, industry experts, and those that just want good hunts continue to come back to our decoys year after year. OUR products GET YOU DUCKS! Don’t waste your money on experiments…get the products that are proven to work. Our X-Pack Lite is success in one package…


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In your industry leading X-PACK LITE you will get:

1 x Natural Flutter Extreme MOD 2 Drake with TSUNAMI Wave Technology (flocked heads)

1 x Natural Swimmer MOD 1 Drake with MAXFLOW keels designed to optimize wave motion and wake (flocked heads)

1 x (6pk) Light & Lethal exceptional HD decoys, 4x drakes, 2 x hens (all drakes have flocked heads)

1 x High Quality Fold’em Gear Decoy Bag

Get them while they last! Limited quantity!

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