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Savage PACK  Ruggedized Accessories

A high-quality and innovative essential accessories that look fantastic and perform even better!

  • Savage Decoy Bag

  • Savage Blind/Gear Bag

  • Savage Floating Gun Bag

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With each of these products, we asked “how do make them perfect for the extreme hunter?”  They need to be: tough as nails, carry well, protect all the gear in them, blend-in, AND have all the features a demanding hunter expects.  OUR GOAL:  build a line of essential accessories that exceeds our customer base’s expectations.  As you are likely aware, our base is what we consider to be the extreme hunter….those that live for the experience, those that make a living on duck hunting, those that go the extra mile to get it done.  Our philosophy is to  have our gear the “go to” by the most extreme hunter, knowing if we succeed there, we will meet the requirements of all hunters.  We think we are well on our way.

Introducing our FG Savage Line of hunting accessories.   Gear designed for the toughest hunters.

Savage Blind/Gear Bag

Goal:  design and build a “blind bag” for the most extreme duck hunting situations.  We like to refer to our blind bag as a “back county” blind bag because it is the bag you will want to carry to your hunting spot whether you boat, kayak, or hiking a mile through thick thrash to your spot.  Let’s face it, a lot of hunters have to travel through swaps, marshes, deep woods on foot to get to the best hunting locations.

Savage Floating Gun Bag

We have not skimped on this gun bag.  It is by far the most rugged product on the market.  After two years of field testing, we are confident that this bag will protect your trusty shotgun.  A new look for the most reliable gun case made. Be confident when around water that your gun will be safe and sound in this floating case.  Comfortable, floats and “waterproof”, protects your shotgun in all hunting conditions, and carries well.

Savage Decoy Bag

Because we felt all other decoy bags didn’t meet our requirements, we started our design work on a decoy bag that met our high standards. This bag turned out to be a rockstar.  It will accommodate standard and magnum size decoys and it is constructed of an extremely heavy-duty material that will keep your decoys protected from unwanted scratches.  This bag was designed for full body decoys and holds our magnum Natural Series perfectly.  We actually designed the bag to “free stand” so you don’t have to continually manage the bag as you load it…that’s attention to detail.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 11 in


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