Fluttter Combo

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AWESOME combo that will bring in ducks. The FLUTTER COMBO decoys are a proven look and these are like nothing else you worked wit

The Natural Flutter Extreme Ripples are good for closing the DEAL. TSUNAMI WAVE technology is designed to pull ducks from afar, and it does!
The Natural Flutter EXTREME also features a number of other new great features including a flocked head, new designed access hatch and our exceptionally legendary rugged design.
THE REAL DeCOY® Flutter Butt Decoy is powered by a low voltage, high torque motor that rocks and spins the decoy for 24 hours or more using two high quality “AA” cell alkaline or rechargeable battery. Quietest shaking decoy on the market today!
These two motion decoys are the most deadly decoys on the market. Bring some movement to your spread with our World Famous Flutter Extreme and Flutter Butts.
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FLUTTER COMBO package is created to add just a little different look to that decoy spread your running. Our Natural Flutter Extreme and Flutter Butt Decoys are a proven look and these are like nothing else you’ve worked with.

This combo is designed to hunt. It will TEAR UP SHEET WATER!!!

What you get:

1 Natural Flutter Extreme, Mallard – Drake

1 Flutter Butt, Mallard – Drake



Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 10 in


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