THE NATURAL Flutter Extreme, Mallard HEN MOD 2


True to our commitment to provide the best, most reliable motion products on the market, THE REAL DeCOY® is proud to offer the latest product in our Natural Series, The Natural Flutter EXTREME MOD 2 featuring our NEW proprietary TSUNAMI WAVE technology.

MOD 2 – Improved  improved anchor system. METAL hardware that will not release. After extensive testing, we decided this is a better way to secure your Natural Flutter Extreme. We also have installed a system to lock in the weight on our flutters

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We took our crack team of engineers and hardcore hunters and created the best WAVE technology possible. NOTHING rocks calm water better or harder. We used our experience and engineering backgrounds to build a brawny flutter EXTREME that will transform how you hunt. TSUNAMI WAVE technology produces waves that are deep and travel over 50 feet producing motion that is know to attract ducks from miles away. Ripples are good for closing, TSUNAMI WAVE technology is designed to pull ducks from afar, and it does! The Natural Flutter EXTREME MOD 2 also features a number of other new great features including a flocked head, new designed access hatch and our exceptionally legendary rugged design. The Natural Flutter EXTREME MOD 2 rocks over 30 hours on one D battery, so need to worry about recharging or consuming a lot of batteries. This is the next generation of water motion backed by our 34 years of making the best water motion on the market…get it while they last!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 10 in


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