X-PACK Bottoms UP


AWESOME combo that will bring in ducks. This is a great way to add just a little accent to your spread. Bottoms UP decoys are a proven look and these are like nothing else you worked with.

This package is designed for those guys hunting in a WMA that prohibits mechanical decoys.

Our Mallard Foam Drake and Hen Butts are self righting. The special sauce here is the FEET. These little guys stand out and scream.
JERK BUTT SYSTEM (JBS) is your answer. With patent pending Easy-Jerk (TM) technology nothing is simpler to set up and use. Economical, no batteries required and, most importantly…deadly effective. To set the JBS up you simply toss the Butt and anchor out and your good to go.
Jerk cords are effective but take a lot of motion to activate and are difficult to set up. Spinners are great and attract birds but can flare waterfowl if not set up properly. To put more birds in your bag, you need effective action in your decoys to get weary birds to commit.

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NEW X-PACK OFFERING – Bottoms UP package is created to add just a little different look to that decoy spread your running. Our Butt Decoys are a proven look and these are like nothing else you’ve worked with.

This combo is designed to hunt.

What you get:

1 x Jerk Butt System, Mallard – Drake

1 x Jerk Butt System, Mallard – Hen

1 x Butt System, Mallard – Drake and Hen

1 x FlxSHOT Shell Holder


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 10 in


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